…..and kills productivity!

In these economic times, it is easy to understand why some would consider hiring any consultant–including an organizing consultant–a luxury. Why worry about being more organized when you’re trying to turn a profit in a competitive environment? How is becoming more organized going to help maintain the bottom line? Believe it or not, disorganization can cost you more than you know.

1. Time Is Money

dollar1One of the biggest ways that companies lose money is because of poor use of time.  Most of our time is spent on activities that do not signficantly add to the bottomline. We are overcommitted, overly distracted and hard pressed to get more done in the time we have. When you spend valuable time recovering from distractions, dropping important projects to respond to unnecessary emergencies, it is unproductive and costly.

2. You Can’t Use It if You Lose It

From vital receipts to prospect information-misplaced items lose their value when you can’t find what you need when you need it. Professionals on average spend approximately 25-35% of their time searching for information or items that they need to perform their job. In addition to the impact of lost time searching for missing items, lost resources are costly when you have to invest money to replace them or when you miss moneymaking opportunities by failing to follow up on leads.

3. You Shoot a Shotgun Blast vs. Sniper Rifle Shot

Not being organized often leads to chasing ideas and activities that don’t support your bottom line. Like the scatter shot from a shotguntarget1 blast, you divert your energy and resources among different things hoping one of them will pay off. Being organized and knowing how to prioritize and set goals, allows you to zero in on the most productive ideas like a kill shot from a sniper’s rifle. Having clearly established goals and priorities create a climate of motivation and growth. Lack of them can stifle creativity and limit forward motion.

4. You Miss the Pop Fly

Every once in while in a baseball game you see it happen—the ball goes up, infielders and outfielders converge, and the ball drops right in between them. Everyone thought someone else had it and no one called for it. Not having a system and process in place to manage your workflow is just as bad. If there is a lack of clarity in who does what and when, it results in duplication of effort and lack of project ownership.  It’s important that everyone is on the same page and understands what role they play in the company’s success. Try to avoid having responsibilities fall into grey areas of ownership. If no one is held accountable for specific job functions, important things will slip through the cracks.

5. Your Customers Suffer the Most

A disorganized work place leads to dissatisfied customers.  If you’ve ever had the experience of calling a company for what seems like a simple answer and getting bounced around from one person to the other because no one knows how to help you—you’ve felt the impact of a disorganized work place. Customer service suffers when managers and employees can’t get their act together. A disorganized work environment sends the wrong message to your customers. When they think you don’t care, they will look elsewhere.

6. Your Best Talent Will Leave You

star6No one wants to work for an absent minded boss. Gone are the days when colleagues run behind the scatterbrained manager, cleaning up their mistakes out of loyalty. When staff is already feeling the pressure of the workload, it’s unrealistic to expect them to make up for the shortcomings of a disorganized manager. Eventually, the better talent will leave for greener, more disciplined pastures—taking their know-how and your business knowledge with them.

7. Your Weak Foundations Crumble

Having an organized work place with systems and processes in place is like building a house with a strong foundation. When everything isconstruction2 where it belongs, you can develop your ideas, build better relationships and reach your goals. But even the best service or product can fail when disorganization weakens the strength of your business backbone. Don’t manage your business from a shoebox and ignore the administrative requirements of having a business.

8. Perception is reality

No matter how great your product or service, if you present a disorganized image, miss meetings or forget key next steps you will lose in the end. Customers and business partners will have only so much patience before seeking what they need from another, even if they pay more to that provider. If you present a disorganized image, that’s how others will perceive you.

9.You Dig a Deeper Rut

Being disorganized breeds more disorganization. The longer it continues, the worse it gets and it becomes more overwhelming. The issues and impact of a disorganized work place only get worse and bigger as you attempt to grow your business. Addressing the issue when your business is in the early phases of growth will better position you for success in the long run. Not responding to the disorganization around you can spell disaster for future growth.

10. You Become Stressed Out

help1Life creates enough stress without adding to it yourself. Disorganization creates a stressful environment for you and your team, making regular business and life issues seem even larger than they are. It’s easy to confuse activity with accomplishment, but running around looking for things or feeling out of sorts is just stressful. Being organized can bring a level of peace that helps when facing the challenges of being a small business owner.

Still Not Convinced?

If you’re not sure what getting organized can do for you, just consider the benefits:

  • When you become more organized you’ll feel as if you found extra hours in your day.
  • You’ll be surprised at how much more you accomplish in your day.
  • You’ll have a clarity of your goals, project ownership and vision that will leave you poised to take advantage of the growth opportunities waiting for your business.
  • Your business will be more successful

Bottomline, disorganization kills productivity. Don’t ignore key issues….they won’t go away.

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