Picking the Right Goals

One of the challenges when it comes to goal setting is picking the right goal. Too often we jump on the bandwagon and pick goals based on what other people around us are doing. I see it all the time-especially with entrepreneurs—we let shiny new objects or trying to...
Are Your Goals SMART?

Are Your Goals SMART?

I can’t pinpoint the exact time I wizened up, but I can tell you that ever since I made my goals SMARTer, I’ve been on a one woman-non-stop-goal-getting train ride! Wanna jump aboard? Let me tell you how! If you’ve never heard of SMART goals before, prepare to become more educated!

I Can’t Stand Her!

Who can’t I stand? My stepdaughter Erica! Now don’t get it twisted, I love her to death. I helped raise her from she was a cute 6 year old. I’d share her picture but she’d kill me or worse, never bake for me again. And now we’re back to...
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