Productivity Consulting Services


Do you feel like you’re chasing your work around? Wonder where you lost control?

Feeling overwhelmed with too many priorities and not enough time to get it done?

I started Visions Productivity Solutions with the mission of helping others connect with their vision, communicate their goals and collaborate more productively.

Getting Started>>> We begin with assessments to understand your current systems, identify existing resources and explore those areas that are causing pain. 

“Coachsulting”>>> Using a combination of coaching, consulting, group and individual training as needed, services are designed to help you learn how to focus on what matters most.

Ideal clients include>>> Boss/Admin Teams, Entrepreneurs, Professional Managers, Small business owners who want to improve their focus and be more efficient.

Check out the list below for an idea of how I can help you elevate your viewpoint and become more productive!

Workflow:  Put in place best practices and your document your processes so you don’t lose valuable information.

TechnologResources:  Put mobile and personal technology tools to work for you.

Organization: Clear the physical and mental clutter.

Time: Stop chasing fires and use best practices for calendar and task management.

Team Project Management: Streamline projects and improve how your team collaborates.

Personal Productivity Coaching:  Overcome self-defeating behaviors (procrastination, lack of follow through, perfectionism, Micro Management).

Productive Personality: Leverage your Personality Type and communication style. 

Group training: Collaborate with me for customized training to move your team forward. 

Don’t forget to ask about Virtual Consulting...available to clients everywhere!

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