So here I am on a beautiful, hot sunny day and I am struggling with a major personal productivity drain—being distracted and  low motivation for the task at hand.

My personal productivity challenge really stems from low motivation–making it really easy for me to become distracted–by anything!

I love the summer time and have always found it hard to remain productive and stick to my plans when the outside sun and fun are calling my name. (Not to mention that my son is home from camp today.)

So I decided to put my distraction to good use and practice the tips below for bringing a little productivity back to my day. Enjoy!

  1. Set a timer. When I have something distasteful or my motivation is low, I set a timer for a specific amount of time and buckle down till it goes off. What usually happens is that I get on a roll and continue working even once my allotted time is done!
  2. Break it down. If you have a lot of work to do on a project, it helps to break it down into small managable pieces. Then schedule a little time each day to accomplish that specific task. It will be easier to get it all done if you don’t have to do everything in one sitting.
  3. Remember the vision. I am a very goal oriented person. Whenever motivation fails I keep my eye on the prize. Having tangible visible reminders like a vision board or a Vision statement posted on your office wall makes it easier for you to dig deep and work the plan.
  4. Plan a reward. So I’ve told myself that once I’m done with my scheduled work, I’m going to go out in the sun with my son and have a bit of fun in the water. (A few cold ices will also help!)

I hope this helps you get over the distraction hump. I’ve accomplished my goal for the day and now it’s off to enjoy the daylight.

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Nicole Chamblin

I’m Nicole Chamblin, a productivity coach and trainer who gives powerful yet loving kicks in the behind to women ready to leave procrastination and frustration in the rear view mirror. I would love to help you get back to the top of your priority list and crush your goals. Call me!
Nicole Chamblin
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