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Welcome to the resources page for the Dunes and Dreams Writer’s Association!

I had a great time speaking with your group. As promised, here are the resources I promised you.

Please feel free to check back here with me. I may add new tools and resources from time to time!

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to send me an email at nicole@visionsps.com

Productively Yours,


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Below is a list of useful productivity tools and resources.

Check this list periodically for updates!

Resource Why Use It Where to Find It

Setting SMART Goals and tasks that are tied to your core values. Sends reminder emails and links to your electronic calendar for easy followup



Sets a timer on your computer that pops up when it’s done.


Dragon Naturally Speaking

Transcribes your spoken words on your computer.

(iPAD and Android Apps available)


LiveScribe A smart pen that uses low-cost mobile computing platform that enhances productivity, learning, communication and self-expression for anyone that prefers to use pen and paper. www.livescribe.com
Lost Productivity Calculator See what disorganization is costing you. www.visionsproductivitysolutions.com/cost-of-disorganization-calculator


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