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Goal Getter Masterclass 2018

Your Play-by-Play, Easy to Follow Guide to Set, Plan & Rock Your Goals
I’m Nicole Chamblin, a “procrastination-proof” coach who has delivered powerful, yet loving kicks in the behind to hundreds of frustrated, exhausted women like you who have been running on that hamster wheel for far too long. With me, you’ll get a straight talker and “action inducer” leading you in that glorious place where your to-do list is short, your emails are answered, your dreams are fulfilled and your goals are achieved. Whether you’re a solopreneur, the CEO of a successful small business, or the heart-centered stakeholder of a nonprofit, the only way to get to the other side of your to-do list is to actually do the work. I’m here to help you put the work in and reap the rewards.

Let’s keep it real:

From the outside looking in, you’re living “the dream.” THE job. THE house. THE CRAZY BUSY SCHEDULE.

On the inside though …

You’re unhappy. Miserable even.

You’re feeling lost in your to-do list and you’re tired from running around for everyone else.

You’d love to work on your goals but you’re struggling to keep up. You see, it’s hard to get excited about goal setting when your to-do list is flooded with the exact same goals you put there last year.

Yet, nobody in your inner circle understands your frustration because all they see is what you show them and from the outside, you look like you’re “living the dream.”

But you’re not. And you’re tired of watching everyone else “get theirs” and wondering when it’ll finally be time for you to “get yours.” And if you hear one more expert tell you to just create a vision board and “manifest your dreams,” you’re going to scream.

Trust and believe I know what you’re saying. Heck, I’ve been to more vision board parties than l can count. And while, creating the vision is critical, it means nothing if you have no idea how to implement it.

And that’s where my Goal Getters Masterclass comes in.

You see, once I got clear on my vision, I found out the hard way that my habits were standing like roadblocks in the way of me turning that vision into a reality. But no more. I now have a system that sets clients on the RIGHT path at the RIGHT time so they focus on taking the RIGHT steps to achieve their goals.

Now, if you’re anything like me, it’s NOT the vision that trips you up, it’s taking the necessary steps to achieve the vision.
And inside the masterclass, I’ve put every secret I have for not only goal setting, but also goal getting. Now, you’ll certainly have to do the work … but you can count on me to lovingly guide you so every step moves you closer to your dream.

Here’s a look at what’s waiting for you inside the Goal Getters Masterclass:

  • Get crystal clear on your goals and create a vision board without clipping pictures and hunting through magazines (no fuss, no muss with me)
  • Uncover my straightforward 5 step process for crushing your goals, complete with the vision sheets and checklists I use every year to make my goals happen
  • Plug into my brain during our Masterclass calls & Q&A so you can customize the included Goal Getter Playbook to work for you
  • Get the support and cheer leading you always wish you had in our private group-you are not alone anymore
  • Discover all the other goodies I have waiting for you inside the Bonus kit


“I have been working with Nicole for the past three years, in goal-setting and I am also a member of a group Nicole facilitates. The things that have happened for me and other participants fall just short of miracle status. Nicole has a way of guiding and encouraging that has inspired me to be my best self. With Nicole’s guidance, I have stretched myself to achieve goals that did not seem possible.”
-Erica M.

“Working with Nicole gave me the encouragement I needed with no judgement to complete my goals. “
-Ebony J.

“Nicole was able to offer amazing suggestions and helped me think of tasks in a new way. I don't feel overwhelmed.” –Ashley H.


We'll meet for 5 sessions via webinar
beginning March 6, 2018 from
7 - 8:30 pm eastern!
Tuesday March 6, 2018
7:00 - 8:30 PM EST

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  • plus bonus goodies 
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