Are You Organized or Agonized?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere struggle to grow and manage their business in rough economic times. One area that is often overlooked when it comes to making things work is general office organization. Why? They think it’s boring or doesn’t make a difference to their bottom line.

Well if you’ve ever misplaced an important file or failed to follow up on a lead because you didn’t have the time or lost someone’s contact information then disorganization is hurting your business.

Why is organization so important, why bother getting organized? Simply put, being disorganized can cost you money due to loss of productivity and misplaced resources.

  • Organized people tend to use their time more productively and make more money. Plus, they have the added benefit of lower stress and frustration levels.
  • You’ll be more proactive.  When you’re organized, you are better at prioritizing your work and better able to process the huge amounts of information coming at you every day. Disorganized people are reactive and respond to the biggest fires of the moment. The little fires today, are tomorrow’s 5 alarm drills.
  • Setting up organizing systems can help you deal with everything from your paper to your professional responsibilities.
  • The average U.S. business person wastes at least one hour per day searching for missing information in messy desks and files. Loss of valuable time searching for documents, repeating work, not being able to respond to customer leads and requests quickly adds up.

So if you agree that being disorganized is costing your business, how can you afford not to do something about it? Unfortunately not taking care of the “boring” administrative items is why most small business fail. Getting more organized will not only clear the clutter so you can focus on your passion, but it will reduce waste and streamline your office and use of time.

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Nicole Chamblin

I’m Nicole Chamblin, a productivity coach and trainer who gives powerful yet loving kicks in the behind to women ready to leave procrastination and frustration in the rear view mirror. I would love to help you get back to the top of your priority list and crush your goals. Call me!
Nicole Chamblin
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