Decision Making is One of the Most Heavily Used Productivity Muscles!

Let’s face it, we live in the age of overwhelm and have so many options and choices, that making up our minds on any given topic is a challenge.

On average, you may not realize it, but you make more decisions in one day than the average person made back in the entire year of 1900! It’s crazy, but you  don’t even realize how many decisions you make.

What to wear? What to have for breakfast?  What route to take to work? What project to work on first?!?!?!


It’s no wonder if you feel paralyzed by all the choices and have trouble making up your mind. First let’s look at some other reasons whey making a decision isn’t always so easy.

What are Some Key Decision Making Challenges ?

Competing Priorities

Deciding on which priorities get your attention first can be tricky–especially when everything is a priority. Sometimes, the difficulty comes from having competing priorities. When everything is important, picking the right thing to do or give your energy to is tough.

Personality Influences

Your personality types guide how quickly you share information, communicate your preferences and make up your mind. You may be the type that needs more time to check in with others, consider all the angles and make sure it’s a fit before moving forward. If two options seem to be equally important it’s easy to get stuck.

Group or Organization Culture

The way you make decisions can be heavily influenced by the company you keep. Does your organization prize quick decision making? Do they prefer to heavily weigh all the options and do a full market analysis before moving forward?

Project Complexity

The harder the project, the tougher the decisions. The more moving parts you have, the more difficult the choices.

Decision Trees to the Rescue!

A Decision Tree can help you narrow down the answer by prioritizing projects in “brackets” based on goals, resource availability, timing and cost factors, and comparing one project against the other.

Here are a couple of samples.


Be honest about why each task is or isn’t more important than the other.


Don’t forget to consider the impact of putting one project off over the other!

I’d love to hear about how you use Decision Trees to keep you sane. Please drop a comment below or connect with me on social media!

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