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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed?

♦ Are you a serial perfectionist?
♦ Do you suffer from Shiny New Object Syndrome?
♦ Are you a chronic procrastinator?
♦ Are you drowning in paper?
♦ Are your mobile devices productive?
♦ Do you sometimes find it hard to create space for yourself?
♦ Do you feel lost in the shuffle of your day?

I’ve been where you are right now– feeling like you’re chasing your work around. Wondering where you lost control. Feeling overwhelmed with too many priorities and not enough time to get it done.

Productivity and Accountability coaching can release you from being buried and overwhelmed by your task list.

Get clarity on what’s important and overcome self-defeating behaviors like procrastination, lack of follow through, perfectionism, and micro-management that chip away at your energy!

I started Visions Productivity Solutions with the mission of helping others connect with their vision, communicate their goals and collaborate more productively.

Working with me will get you from being stuck to being back in control.

Getting Started

We begin with assessments to understand your current obstacles, identify existing resources and explore those areas that are you causing pain.


Using a combination of coaching (pulling answers from within you) and consulting (sharing my expertise), we will uncover your productivity blocking fears and mindsets so we can get you back on track to reaching your goals.

Your Goals Organized Achieved Lived Successfully™

Productivity ‘Coachsulting’ Services

Strategic Time & Energy Investment: You’ll get vision clarity and learn how to stop chasing fires and make SMARTer choices so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Knowing Your Productive Personality: Unlock hidden doors to communication and relationship success when you learn to leverage your Personality Type and communication style.

Streamline Your Workflow:  We’ll simplify the way you work with tools to improve how you handle your projects and information.

Synchronized Organizing Systems: You’ll learn easy to use techniques to help you clear the physical and mental clutter for clarity!

Boost Technology Resources:  You’ll become a master at follow up and being on top of things when put your mobile and personal technology tools work for you.

I’m a Good Fit For:

  • Newly promoted managers who want to be effective delegators and doers
  • Boss and Admin teams who want to get in sync
  • Entrepreneurs who have amazing vision and desire structure to set them up for success
  • Professionals who need to develop or improve new skills to stay ahead of the pack

One-on One or DIY?

You decide-or choose both!

Some people prefer to go at their own pace and work through their productivity challenges alone.
They are ideal for my self-paced coaching program.

Others, perhaps like you, prefer a more dedicated and personal approach.
Either way, the choice is yours, and the results are too!

The result will be a focused, energized and more powerful you!

Schedule a Discovery Session

If you want to become more accountable, avoid self defeating behaviors like procrastination, lack of follow through, perfectionism, or micro management–contact me now!

Click here to schedule your Discovery Session now!
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