Productive Environment Specialist

Nicole Chamblin is trained as a Productive Environment Specialist™ (PES) with the Productive Environment Institute and is certified to deliver The 8-Hour Miracle™

The Promise of a PES

“As PES, our passion is helping small businesses create and sustain what we call a productive environment – an intentional setting in which everything in your office assists you to increase profit, productivity and peace of mind.  We do this by helping you and your team to organize time, space and information so everyone can accomplish their work and enjoy their lives.”  

Unlike other organizing consultants, we leave you a with a system you can maintain long after we are gone.  We customize our services to meet individual personalities and the specific mission of your company.  We totally guarantee our services.

Achieving Your Vision

Our goal is to help you reach your vision of organization. We use The Productive Environment ProcessTM to customize a system that suits the way you work.

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What is The Productive Environment ProcessTM

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