Productivity Audit

Would your employees pass a Productivity Audit?

With the speed of business moving faster than before, it’s easy to confuse busyness with business. When work happens so quickly, things tend to slip through the cracks. When that happens, your team may get a failing grade on a Productivity Audit!

What is a Productivity Audit?

A Productivity Audit delivers an analysis of how your team handles the three keys to business efficiency—1) time, 2) teamwork and 3) tasks!

The result of a Productivity Audit is an actionable GamePlan Report that outlines strategies to implement and address organizing and productivity challenges.

Getting Started

The Productivity Audit begins with several proprietary assessments to identify what’s working and those areas where productivity gaps exist. The result is a clear picture on what is holding your team back, and systems you can implement to improve the way they collaborate.

The Productivity Audit includes:

  • Proprietary Assessments to gather information, benchmark current levels of productivity and demonstrate ROI.
  • Employee Productivity Report reveals employee mindsets, behaviors and struggles with tools, workflow and resources. Understand barriers to maintaining good systems for file management and information flow.
  • Employee Productive Personality Report identifies how personality differences impact team collaboration and communication.
  • Time and Activity Management Analysis spotlights where employees stand on prioritization, project scheduling, decision making and managing time wasters.
  • Access to Individual Laser Coaching key individuals may benefit from a one-on-one coaching experience to develop specific strategies, tools and resources for improving personal productivity.
  • Access to Customized Productivity Training delivers customized, practical and proven workshops and training for the entire team with easy to implement solutions.

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