So I finally got the chance a couple of months ago to watching the movie “Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. (Yes I’m way behind on my viewing)

I was struck by a quote by Tom Cruise’s character, said in response to Cameron’s character sharing a dream of what she would do “someday”.  The quote was simple, he asked if she knew what “someday” meant. He went on to share that “someday is really code for never.” It made me think of all the things I’ve heard people say the want to get done…someday.

Chances are, the quote will prove true if you fail to plan for someday.  Goal setting and understanding how the next task at hand fits into the bigger picture is one of the most important skills that I teach my clients.

It’s where the rubber meets the road for getting your important things accomplished. It’s the way to make someday a reality.

Are you Setting Someday Goals? How do you make someday a reality?

There are some timeless methods taught to help with successful goal setting. Two of my favorites involve the Franklin Covey Productivity Pyramid and the concept of SMART Goals.

Franklin Covey Productivity Pyramid

The premise of the Productivity Pyramid is that our goals and Governing Values guide us on what we give our time to. If you know your Governing Values, then you can identify your Long Rage Goals, set smaller Intermediate goals to get there and then finally break those down into Daily Tasks.

Productivity_Pyramid Inverted_Productivity_Pyramid

For some it might be easier to look at this pyramid upside down. If the things you are going to give your time to cannot in some way be filtered as relevant to your core, governing values ask if that activity is really worth your time!


According to Wikipedia, the first known use of the term SMART Goals, occurred in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran.  I know many of us in the productivity field have gotten a lot of mileage out of it. Why? Simply put, it’s timely but absolutely relevant.

I love the simplicity of SMART goals to use as a litmus test to see if what we’re planning to do makes sense.  To set a SMART goal, you have to verify that your intentions are:

Specific: Say exactly what you’re going to do. (I’m going to lose 10 lbs. vs I’m going to lose weight)
Measurable: Set a date and put a time frame to it  (by  XX/XX/20XX)
Action-Oriented: Outline the steps that you need to take  (By exercising and limiting the amount of carbs vs. being healthier)
Realistic: Ask if your goal is within your reach or means (I can change my habits vs. I can do the same thing and get different results)
Timely: Time allowed is reasonable but not too long (I can lose 10 lbs in 3 months vs. 3 days)

So what have you been putting of for someday? Are you ready to set real goals? Share your someday goals for ideas on ways to get started making them come true!

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I’m Nicole Chamblin, a productivity coach and trainer who gives powerful yet loving kicks in the behind to women ready to leave procrastination and frustration in the rear view mirror. I would love to help you get back to the top of your priority list and crush your goals. Call me!
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