Speaking Programs

Below please find a list of Nicole’s most popular speaking programs. Other programs can be developed and customized upon request.

Mastering the Juggling Act in the Age of Overwhelm

Strong time management and productivity skills are key aspects of a professional’s arsenal. In today’s age of connectivity and staying busy, we are all wearing many hats. With the constant juggling act, mastering effective skills for managing activities and investment of time will keep you feeling more in control. Designed to build on the basics, this seminar will help attendees sharpen “time management” skills and minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Delegation Mastery for Project Management Success

Master the art of delegation and transform from what you can do, to what you can control. Participants will learn how to work more strategically, while allowing employees to develop new skills and achieve their stretch goals.  This workshop is ideal for newly promoted managers or anyone looking to improve delegation skills and personal accountability. Participants will discover techniques for overcoming barriers to delegation, understand how to avoid micro-management, and acquire skills to assign work while maintaining visibility of project status.

Mastering Productive Use of Time

Build effective skills for managing their activities and investment of time, for greater productivity and accountability. Designed to build on the basics, this course will help sharpen your “time management” skills, and minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed. Ideal for anyone who feel lost in the shuffle of their day or who are overwhelmed with a long to-do list, this workshop will cover best practices for staying on top of assignments, tasks and projects while making sure important work gets the right attention.

Developing Productive Habits That Deliver Results

Conquer and overcome self-defeating behaviors. Through assessments and discussion, participants will understand the root cause of negative behaviors like procrastination, perfectionism and micromanagement and walk away with proven techniques for being more productive and accountable.

Creating a More Collaborative & Productive Team Environment

Address the productivity challenges that plagues teams.  Packed with practical yet proven insights and techniques designed to boost team productivity, foster idea sharing, and develop healthy collaboration habits. Keep everyone focused on the shared vision, working towards mutual goals and strengthening productivity.

Unleashing Your Productive Personality

Wherever we go, we take our personalities with us! In this interactive workshop, attendees will learn more about how their personality type influences the way they recharge their energy, process information, make decisions and communicate with others. Participants will walk away with insights and strategies to make their personality and interactions more productive!


Organizing for Mental Clarity

Clear the mental and physical clutter to become more productive. This workshop covers techniques and best practices for getting and staying organized, including reducing paper clutter, managing electronic files and incoming items. Participants will understand basic organizing principles, know how to identify signs of disorganization, learn the VISIONS Process to overcome disorganization, master focus and “brain dump” techniques for brainstorming and capturing ideas. They’ll walk away with a list of action items that can implemented for a more productive workspace.

Each workshop can be made available individually or as a part of a customized program focused on Vision and Goal Setting, Time & Task Management, Personality influences on Team Productivity, Team Collaboration, Knowledge Preservation or Overcoming Self Defeating Behaviors (aka Procrastination & Perfectionism).

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