Vision and Goal Setting


On a trip across county, I sat in the window seat and I got a chance to look down at the Grand Canyon. It looked so small from all the way up there. It was amazing to look down and have such a unique perspective on one of our national treasures.

When you elevate your viewpoint, you’re able to take in the whole, see the big picture, and get an idea of what’s coming ahead. Work too close to the day to day–little things will seem bigger and the big important things will seem out of your reach.

 Are ready you change your viewpoint and reconnect with your passion? 


Your vision is your roadmap for how you want things to be different. It’s your guide and motivation.  With a well written vision and effective goals, you’ll have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. 

If you haven’t written down your vision and goals, think about the benefits, how you will feel when you get it done.

Becoming and staying productive is challenging!

Life happens. work happens. It’s easy to lose focus on what used to get you excited in the first place.

Have you lost your passion?  Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Do you find it hard too be excited because you’re too stuck with the details?

Lost your vision? It’s time to change your viewpoint and get clarity. Get focus. Sharpen your vision. 

I’ll work with you to change your point of view, get focused, and clear the filter through which you see your work and life! 

We’ll work on setting SMART Goals!

According to Wikipedia, the first known use of the term SMART Goals, occurred in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran.  

I know many of us in the productivity field have gotten a lot of mileage out of it. Why? Simply put, SMART Goals are timely but absolutely relevant. I love the simplicity of SMART goals to use as a litmus test to see if what we’re planning to do makes sense.

Let’s connect soon and get you back on track with your Vision and Goals!


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