I had a chance to catch up with an old friend from high school a while ago.  During our chat she asked me about the goals program I’m launching soon.  She asked me a great question: “Won’t setting goals overwhelm someone who feels like a LOSER (Lost in lists, Overwhelmed, Struggling, Easily distracted and Running in empty)?

I realize that others are probably thinking the same thing.

Here’s why setting goals matters, even if you feel like a LOSER.

When I was stuck being a LOSER, I didn’t know what to give my attention and energy to. My lists had lists. Everything felt hard to do. I was chasing one project after another. I felt like I had nothing left to give.

It wasn’t until I reconnected with my vision and set goals that matched it that things started to improve for me.

It’s easy to get distracted and get caught up in “busyness” when you don’t have clarity on your vision.

Once I started setting goals that mattered, instead of feeling drained, I found it easy to turn down requests, invitations and commitments that would have driven me crazy!

Why? Kicking the LOSER mindset is the key to winning the productivity game

I was overcommitted and had no one to blame but myself.

When I finally figured out that all those things were just distracting me and keeping me from making my dreams reality I had to change. I learned to say “No” to all of those other things prevented me from working on the projects that got me excited.

I had to reconnect to my goals and cross those things of my list that didn’t line up. When I started to shed, them from my schedule, the time I felt less stressed out because I was finally able to focus on the good stuff.

Finally, I was saying “yes” to me.

Now when I mark those projects as complete, the energy boost keeps me moving on to the next one!


If you’re feeling stuck, try answering these questions for yourself:winning

  • What things or commitments make me feel drained?
  • What things would I rather say “yes” to?
  • Where would I rather invest my energy?

Setting goals that move you and having clarity on your vision makes it easy to answer these questions and will make you feel like a winner instead!

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Nicole Chamblin

I’m Nicole Chamblin, a productivity coach and trainer who gives powerful yet loving kicks in the behind to women ready to leave procrastination and frustration in the rear view mirror. I would love to help you get back to the top of your priority list and crush your goals. Call me!
Nicole Chamblin
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