Productivity Jumpstart

​Your Biz-Baby is Ready to Grow. Are you?

Yes! You found your passion and you are finally working in your purpose. You’re strutting into your greatness and looking forward to a life of flexibility and freedom.

Like most entrepreneurs, you started your Biz Baby because you love what you do. You would spend all your time doing “your thing” if you could. Unfortunately, making your “hustle” successful means you have to do more than that “sexy” thing you love.

The trouble is, you also have to work on the business, while you work in your passion. And all those unsexy tasks are draining your energy and bringing you down!

Tired of late nights and pulling out your hair?

Running a business is more than just doing what you love.  You also have to be good at juggling hats and taking care of the back-end, administrative (aka boring processes) that you need to master to make your business successful. It can be pretty frustrating if you haven’t put the right things in place!

When I started my biz, I learned by doing. It was trial by fire, a lot of lessons learned and “should have, could have, would have”. I know your pain!

Come Get Your Productivity Jumpstart!

I designed this Productivity Jumpstart to fast-track entrepreneurs through figuring out the right tools and systems to keep things running smoothly.

This is your chance to pick my brain, explore different tools, establish a system and workflow that supports your business with the foundation and framework it needs to be successful.

In this service, you’ll get:


A productivity assessment to review your existing tools and resources, evaluate your current systems and identify needs


A targeted recommendation of tools and resources to address your needs


A customized system and workflow


Access to guided implementation

Ready to Jumpstart Your Biz Baby?

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