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What Clients Say About Nicole.

It is always a pleasure to co-facilitate our mentoring training sessions with Nicole. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and she has the amazing ability to engage both large and small groups. She comes to our sessions well prepared and is able to connect with our clients at varying levels within their organization. Her dynamic and positive outlook allows her to effectively re-energize, motivate and inspire any individual or group!

Jennifer Sellers

Vice President, The Training Connection, Inc.

Nicole gave several great presentations and coaching sessions.  She speaks with ease and does not talk over the heads of her audience.  She has great insight and solutions that include hands on projects and assignments that really make you delve into your true goals and ideals to incorporate your vision and help encourage you to become more productive.

Nicole brings a wealth of experience to the table which allows her to help on many different levels depending on the overall goal or her audience. She is awesome. Her presentations are great, she is humorous and simplistic while still remaining very effective.

Joanne L Clark

Financial Advisor

I had the opportunity to work and support Nicole while each of us served on the NAPO Board of Directors. Nicole took the time to help me as a new board member get up to speed as quickly as possible which is greatly appreciated. But during this process, she recognized the efficiencies of supporting her incoming board members and creating an environment to support growth, provide education and to drive decision making. Nicole was open to hearing new ideas and was confident in voicing her thoughts to help the decision making process. Some of the decisions at NAPO required details and a level of understanding that Nicole continued to pass along.

Nicole’s ability to help group environments understand a situation quickly is one of her strengths. She recognizes that in order to move the process forward, people need to understand what they are approving. She can help people from various backgrounds understand what is being communicated by the group. This strength lends well to supporting team and multi person trainings. She can recognize when others are not yet understanding the communication and she will take a leadership position to adapt her communication style to support others and their ability to learn.

Nicole has helped me in my position on the NAPO Board and she has done this tirelessly. The commitment she has made to the teams and her own efforts on the board has been exhibited with the amount of time she offered to individuals, her ability to align successful teams, and her ability to move processes forward to actions is critical and instrumental in the success during her tenure on the NAPO Board of Directors.

Elizabeth Dodson

Co-founder, HomeZada

I attended Nicole Chamblin’s excellent presentation on “Creating Your Vision (Board) for a Productive 2015” and goal setting…and came away with my digital vision board for 2015. I learned so much…and received lots of tips as well as a list of recommended books and apps!  Thanks Nicole, Chamblin! You’re an awesome teacher and presenter. I would recommend your workshops to anyone who wants to achieve “audacious” success.

Robin Cyrtmus

Independent Agent, Five Rings Financial

Nicole’s sessions are a great investment of your time.  I’ve learned some great tips for delegating, about a tool for organizing my papers, and even got some help on sales scripts.  She focuses on space, time, energy and money and helps you create steps so you can repeat your new processes.  She definitely will make you more productive.

Patrick Ennis

President, Inc Marketing Services

Nicole taught me how to get the most out of my time when I’m working on my business with simple ideas that make a BIG difference in getting my work done. I learned how to get past the distractions and make my time count.”

Web Designer

Nicole helped me to streamline my filing system and separate my home from my business. Nicole provided the training, initial set up, and follows up to insure that the system met/exceeded my expectations. Now, every document has its place and I now work on a clutter free desk.”

Home Based Business Owner

Nicole takes the time to understand you. I highly recommend her services for anyone who is overwhelmed and just can’t seem to get organized.”


Nicole’s approach by identifying your total needs, from physical environments to organizational tools, insures a comprehensive solution. Her training, one-on-one help, and follow through are exceptional. The bottom line is that Nicole has provided a system where I am more efficient at work, stress level has been reduced, and more importantly, I am able to spend more time with my family.”

Business Executive

Nicole has a systematic approach to define a system that is best for the way you work. Her focus was on understanding my business, personality traits and thought processes to identify my needs and then work from there to develop an effective system that I would use for the long term.”

Marketing Executive

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